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The risky business of risk management

Type: Website

Article or website name: The risky business of risk management

Author: Zur, Ofer

Institution: Zur Institute, Online Continuing Education

Country: USA


URL: www.drzur.com/riskmanagement.html


(from Introduction) 'Don't touch your clients! Minimize self-disclosure! Never venture outside the office with a client! Do not accept gifts from clients! Avoid bartering! Don't get close to your clients; keep a professional distance! Avoid dual relationships at all costs! Never socialize with your patients! These don'ts and many others whisper to us every time we emerge from one more risk management workshop or ethics and law seminar. They haunt us as we read with trepidation a bulletin from our malpractice carrier or review one more attorney's column in our professional organization's newsletter. Recent graduates still tremble with fear remembering those ethics classes warning us of the dangers lying on our career paths that we must vigilantly avoid. Under the guise of risk management and self-protection, we are told never to touch beyond a handshake, never to disclose "too much", always to stay in the office and to avoid gifts and bartering. Watch out who we schedule as the last appointment of the day, be careful when we extend sessions beyond the 50-minute hour and always steer clear of dual relationships. Beware! The slightest deviation from these ersatz commandments will set us on the 'slippery slope' to perdition.'
Whilst not strictly to do with Body Psychotherapy, this article is informative and sympathetic about the perceived and imagined risks of touch in psychotherapy (amongst other risks)


Author's institution: Zur Institute
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Entry date: 15 November 2005

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