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The use of body-centered psychotherapy in working with prenatal and perinatal imprints within a group context

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Article or website name: The use of body-centered psychotherapy in working with prenatal and perinatal imprints within a group context

Author: Glenn, Marty

Institution: Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

Country: USA

Type: Body-Psychotherapy Education & Courses

URL: www.sbgi.edu/cont_edy/glenn/SBGICEUGroupTherapy.pdf


Within Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology there is a large theoretical substratum that includes the developmental period before birth, birth trauma and its healing. This particular article focuses on healing early imprints including attachment and birth trauma. All areas of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology have aspects that incorporate somatic experience, in addition, some of the modalities in this bibliography utilize Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology theory and use their modality to work with birth trauma. rhe theory and research behind birth trauma work demonstrates that early somatic experience produces the foundation upon which people live their lives. Problems with interpersonal and intrapersonal relations can be traced back to'conception; gestation, birth and bonding. Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology utilizes dynamic and body-oriented interventions that can heal and re-pattern early trauma.
This article gives a brief history of Prenatal and Perinatal group process work along with a review of the different types of group modalities that do this work. 'The redeemable qualities of group work for birth trauma versus indvidual work and when this may not be the mode of choice is explained. The article then focuses on the structure of Prenatal and Perinatal group therapy and individual therapy creating a protocol for the work. This article reviews one of several ways of working with birth trauma based on Prenatal and Perinatal Psychological theory. (CCB)


Author's institution: Santa Barbara Graduate Institute
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Entry date: 1 January 2006

Key Phrases: Body Psychotherapy - Birth - Group
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Other information: see article in USABP Journal 4: 2 : 2005 (2365): see also (2025)