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Type: Website

Article or website name: PORE

Author: Goldfarb, Julia Diaz

Institution: Los Orgones

Country: Argentina

Type: Information

URL: www.orgone.org


Critique: A website. It has a number of articles published through an online 'Journal of Pore.' This is very Reichian stuff, and includes instructions on building orgone blankets, articles on orgone energy, etc. There's nothing here on therapy, and the articles published are theoretical and declamations. There are no empirical reports. Contains links to other sites. Very typical of a lot of Reichian stuff. Full of declarations about the nature of science and the universe. Short on data and actual information. It is not clear what level of knowledge and experience the author has on the issues about which s/he writes. (JM)


Author's institution: Los Orgones: Biofunctional Research Center for the Perception Shift
Contact: http://www.orgone.org
Language: English
Country origin: USA

Entry number: 2215
English version:

Entry source: John May & Courtenay Young
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 15 November 2005

Key Phrases: Reichian - Orgone - Theoretical
Other information: