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Personal growth & psychotherapy in Radix work

Type: Website

Article or website name: Personal growth & psychotherapy in Radix work

Author: Kelley, Charles R.

Institution: The Radix Institute

Country: USA

Type: Body-Psychotherapy Education & Courses

URL: www.radix.org


(from article) ' Radix work is a service offered by the Radix Teacher for the benefit of the person receiving the service. Its objective is normally the personal growth and development of the recipient. Sometimes, however, teachers want to direct it toward treatment of damage or dysfunction rather than growth and development When this secondary aspect of Radix is overemphasized, Radix work comes to be considered as a form of treatment of illness, disease, or dysfunction, i.e., of therapy rather than as a service promoting personal growth. For this secondary aspect of Radix to become primary is for the tail to wag the dog. It generates serious distortions in the practice and, eventually, in the theory and administration of the work.
Radix was developed consciously, deliberately, and specifically as a service for normal, functioning adults to help them move in the evolutionary direction toward greater aliveness, independence and autonomy. Education in feeling and purpose is designed to help them to become more effective simultaneously in the realm of feeling and emotion on the one hand and of thought and will on the other. The primary goal is not remediation but progression, not cure but development not treatment of damage, but personal growth toward the realization of one's potential Licensed Radix Teachers agreed to practice Radix work as education, personal growth or development. They agreed that Radix work should not be offered as therapy, treatment, or counseling for any physical or mental disease, and that as Radix Teachers, they would not diagnose or prescribe for any such disease or offer Radix work as a substitute for therapy or treatment.'


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Entry date: 1 January 2006

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