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Ushering in a century of integration

Type: Website

Article or website name: Ushering in a century of integration

Author: Rubenfeld, Ilana

Institution: Rubenfeld Synergy

Country: USA

Type: Body-Psychotherapy Education & Courses

URL: www.rubenfeldsynergy.com


(from article) ' New Discoveries from the last part of the 20th century point toward interconnections between many fields of science and the arts. Research in each separate field demonstrates interrelationships which acknowledge that people must be treated through an integrative (not specialized) approach as whole human beings. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, Neil Bohr's theory of complementarity, Ilya Prigogine's ideas of dissipative structures, and Ludwig Von Bertalanffy's general systems theory all suggest that the parts of a system affect each other through their interactions, constantly changing the equilibrium of the entire system. The Heisenberg principle that you cannot observe something without affecting its outcome is well known and acknowledged. Dare we ask the questions, "Are the body, mind, spirit, and emotions of a person interconnected?" and "What is the consequence for the field of somatic education?" '
In this article Rubenfeld stresses the importance and relevance of integrated work (as opposed to the trend of specialized focus). Then she succinctly takes the reader through her own process of learning and working with different modalities and why and how she created her own paradigm. With a background in Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and Gestalt, Rubenfeld /ent on to create a system that is among other things: process oriented, holistic, respectful of the uniqueness of the individual, a communication between the therapist and client through touch, about self-care of the therapist as a part of the client-care, and one that includes humor. She views the body as an interconnected part of the human whole. Rubenfetd's article also contains a case study example session that shows the four-stage metaprocess intrinsic to the method: awareness, experimentation, integration, and reentry. This composition is an effective explanation of the Rubenfetd Synergy method as well as a vision for the future. (CCB)


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Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Entry source: Colleen Campbell Barshop
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 1 January 2006

Key Phrases: Body Psychotherapy - Alexander Technique - Feldenkrais - Gestalt
Other information: see article in USABP Journal 4: 2 : 2005 (2365)