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The body remembers: The psychophysiology of trauma and trauma treatment

Type: Website

Article or website name: The body remembers: The psychophysiology of trauma and trauma treatment

Author: Rothschild, Babette

Institution: Zur Institute, Online Continuing Education

Country: USA

Type: Education

URL: www.drzur.com/traumabookcourse.html


This course is based on the reading of The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment. The theory section highlights the body's role in normal and traumatic memory rooted in the writings of (among others) van der Kolk and Damasio and includes accessibly written descriptions of the basic neurophysiology of stress and traumatic stress. The practice section contains many practical interventions-some somatic based, some psychologically based-that can be easily used to mediate traumatic stress and reduce and/or contain hyperarousal. Client safety is the first concern. A model for assessing which clients are appropriate for memory-oriented trauma therapy and which will benefit more from work with improving their current quality of life is proposed. There are many case examples and two full session transcripts. Participants will gain knowledge of both the somatic and psychological effects of PTSD. They will also acquire tools for helping their clients to contain and reduce hyperarousal (Intermediate level).


Author's institution: Zur Institute
Contact: drzur@drzur.com
Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Entry date: 15 November 2005

Key Phrases: Body Psychotherapy - Trauma - Education
References: Objectives, Syllabus
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