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The ethics of touch in psychotherapy

Type: Website

Article or website name: The ethics of touch in psychotherapy

Author: Zur, Ofer

Institution: Zur Institute, Online Continuing Education

Country: USA

Type: Education

URL: www.drzur.com/touchcourse.html


This (on-line) course reviews the importance of touch for human development and healing practices, describes the application of touch in psychotherapy as adjunct to verbal psychotherapy. It looks critically at the prohibition of touch in therapy and examines its historical, professional and cultural roots. Sexualizing most forms of touch combined with psychoanalytic and risk management guidelines are reviewed, as they present the main obstacles for the clinically appropriate use of touch in therapy. Issues of power, gender, history of abuse, dx and context are also discussed. Finally, detailed clinical and ethical guidelines for the appropriate use of touch in therapy are provided and description of ethical decision-making and a summary of California law in regard to touch in therapy are also presented. (Intermediate level).


Author's institution: Zur Institute
Contact: drzur@drzur.com
Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Entry date: 15 November 2005

Key Phrases: Touch - Psychotherapy - Ethics - Education
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