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A bio-existential therapy

Type: Journal

Article title : A bio-existential therapy

Author: Dublin, James E.

Year: 1981
Journal: Psychotherapy Theory, Research and Practice
Vol : Issue Vol 10 : No 1
Pages: 3-10


From Freud's observation that 'the ego is first and foremost a body ego', criteria for an adequate system of psychotherapy are deduced. These criteria necessitate a system of psycho-somato-therapy that contains 'lived body' or 'body-as-subject' and that refers disregarded body or body-as-object to some conception of pathology. To be truly systematic, such a theory of psychotherapy must consider character type, awareness of mind-body unity/disunity, and usual methods of maintaining defensive operations and characterological rigidities. Four contemporary systems of therapy (Gestalt, bio-energetics, neo-Reichian or direct-body-contact, and transactional analysis) are criticized in this respect. A phenomenological-existential synthesis, called bio-existential therapy, which minimizes the inadequacies and maximises the strengths of each of these therapy systems, is described and demonstrated.


Author's institution: Existential Passage Inc. Bloomington, NY, USA
Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Key Phrases: Existential Therapy
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