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A bioenergetic characterological model of addiction

Type: Journal

Article title : A bioenergetic characterological model of addiction

Author: Parker, Jan & Guest, Diana

Year: 2006
Journal: European Journal of Bioenergetic Analysis and Psychotherapy
Vol : Issue 4 : 1
Pages: 32-53


This article reviews the relationship between character structure and drugs of choice, compensatory behaviors, routes of administration and severity of addiction in both chemically dependent and eating disordered clients. We will present an integrated assessment approach combining a behavioral description of substance use with an understanding of characterological structures.


Author's institution: EFB-AP
Contact: jparker@nu.edu
Language: English
Country origin: Netherlands

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Entry date: 28 March 2009

Key Phrases: Addiction - Chemical Dependency - Eating Disorders - Bioenergetic Character Structures
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