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Young women's ways ...

Type: Journal

Article title : Young women's ways ...

Author: Allain Dupre, Brigitte

Year: 1993
Journal: Cahiers Jungiens de Psychoanalyse
Vol : Issue 76 :
Pages: 43-52


Uses the author's experiences as a Jungian psychoanalyst with young women (postadolescents), especially their dream narratives, to reflect on the mind-body relationship. This reflection centres on the problematics of sexual identity in connection with the transferential relationship. Actually, for these young women, this stage of development on the way to individuation confronts them with specific odds, the study of which sheds a particular light on the mind-body relationship. The symptomatology of hypersomnia, presented by several clinical cases illustrating the author's theme, may indicate the impossibility of experiencing regression in its symbolic dimension and/or the setting in motion in one's body of the surge of energy that symbolizes the mother-infant bond of the original dyad.


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Language: French
Country origin: France

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Key Phrases: Dualism - Young Women - Mind Body - Psychoanalysis - Dreams
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