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A biological vision

Type: Journal

Article title : A biological vision

Author: Keleman, Stanley

Year: 2007
Journal: USABP Journal
Vol : Issue 6 : 1
Pages: 10-19


This article, written almost thirty years ago for the first edition of The Journal of Biological Experience illustrates the consistency of Stanley Keleman's vision of the human being as a biologically based organizing process. Making a clear distinction between a psychological approach and a biological approach he lays the foundation for his current practice of somatic work as well as for his ongoing pioneering efforts in creating a language and method based in the embodied reality of human existence.


Author's institution: USABP
Language: English
Country origin: USA

Entry number: 3457
English version:

Entry source: Courtenay Young
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 15 February 2008

Key Phrases: Human Forming - Somatic Work - Foundation
Other information: Jounral of Biological Experience: Studies in the Life of the Body, Vol. 1, No. 1. (see 700)