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Workshop: Transforming the lower self: A ritual of renewal

Type: Journal

Article title : Workshop: Transforming the lower self: A ritual of renewal

Author: Neitlich, Jill

Year: 1998
Journal: Energy and Consciousness: Proceedings of 4th International Core Energetics Conference
Vol : Issue 6 : 1
Pages: 121-122


This ritual was originally created for and preformed on the May Core weekend as an experiential rendering of Lecture #138, 'Desire for and Fear of Closeness.' The combination of ritual and Core Energetic group process creates a uniquely powerful experience. In ancient times anamong nature-based peoples, when there was no separation between human, nature and spirit, the rituals enacted had a transformative power, such that the symbolic acts performed in the ritual altered the psyches and bodies of the participants. Ritual draws on the transformative power of the imagination, as does this ritual. (with Ellen Ronis drumming)


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Key Phrases: Core Energetics - Ritual
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