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Workshop: Giving and receiving

Type: Journal

Article title : Workshop: Giving and receiving

Author: Kretschmar, Ilse

Year: 1998
Journal: Energy and Consciousness: Proceedings of 4th International Core Energetics Conference
Vol : Issue 6 : 1
Pages: 1-20


In this workshop we explored our different styles of distorting or limiting the in- and outflow ot the 'giving and receiving process' and worked core energetically towards a natural, creative soul movement of it. The theoretical background of the work was based on charactersistructures, on the perspective of the Mask, Higher & Lower Self and on the Path Lecture No. 155: 'The Key to Change, Overcoming Fear of Self-Giving and Receiving.'


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Entry date: 9 September 2005

Key Phrases: Core Energetics - Self Care
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