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Workshop: The I and thou relationship

Type: Journal

Article title : Workshop: The I and thou relationship

Author: Dror, Miriam

Year: 1998
Journal: Energy and Consciousness: Proceedings of 4th International Core Energetics Conference
Vol : Issue 6 : 1
Pages: 1-10


The purpose of this workshop was to illuminate, through a presentation and experiences, the nature of the relationship that the therapist or teacher must strive to create with the client or student. Our intntendon as therapists and teachers to be guided by the best within ourselves, in other words, to live and create relationship from our core selves, is the principle of the Core Energetic Evolutionary Model that informs our relationship with our clients and students. Within such a holding, the 'other' not only can touch all places within his or herself, but also the relationship that we know she or he is most longing to create with others in the world can be modeled.


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Key Phrases: Core Energetics - Therapeutic Relationship
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