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Workshop: Releasing the head and neck

Type: Journal

Article title : Workshop: Releasing the head and neck

Author: Chubbuck, Pamela

Year: 1998
Journal: Energy and Consciousness: Proceedings of 4th International Core Energetics Conference
Vol : Issue 6 : 1
Pages: 1-09


It is essential in Core Energetics to know how to work with the physical/emotional armoring in order to establish the flow of life force wwithin a person. In re-establishing the flow of the life force, we free the energy necessary to transform, evolve and reconnect to our core. Working witvith the head and neck is one of the most important parts of this process. We contract in these areas so we will not be aware of the pain that lives in our bodies and emotions, going instead up and away to our minds and our masks.


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Key Phrases: Core Energetics
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