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Workshop: Working with addictions and Core Energetics

Type: Journal

Article title : Workshop: Working with addictions and Core Energetics

Author: Carl, Elizabeth; Bradley, Ann; Harris, Margot

Year: 1998
Journal: Energy and Consciousness: Proceedings of 4th International Core Energetics Conference
Vol : Issue 6 : 1
Pages: 105-108


The workshop began with basic education on alcoholism and other addictions including handouts of basic information. Using some 'psychodrama,' we depicted methods to recognize active addiction and the necessity of addressing it in therapy. We offered the participants a list of Pathwork lectures that would help a client a) see the destructive force of the addiction and be motivated to change, b) perceive his own God image and connect with it which is such an important element in recovery aand c) identify his own intricate resistances to confronting the addiction. Our seminar also included recommendations for using specific Core Energetic techniques during the various stages of recovery that would facilitate stabilizing a client's recovery rather than jeopardizing it and inadvertently flooding a client into relapse, which are outlined below.


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Key Phrases: Core Energetics - Addictions - Spirituality
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