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The Neurobiology of Attachment

Type: Tape

Title: The Neurobiology of Attachment

Presenter: Schore, Allan

Occassion of film/tape:
Location of film/tape: New York, NY

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In The Neurobiology of Attachment, Allan Schore, Ph.D speaks to psychotherapists in New York, NY, giving a detailed look into how neuroscience and attachment theory are converging in the field of science. Schore gives a solid explanation of the physiology of attachment theory, along with a precise view of how different forms of attachment arise and how psychotherapists can better work with patients-- whatever their attachment style may be. Schore's lecture is divided into eight disks which are approximately an hour long each. Schore cites an abundance of resources in his lecture for further reading and investigation. Also, a valuable part of Schore's lectures are based upon the audience's questions which provide extra insight into the neurobiology of attachment. Highly recommended for psychotherapists interested in learning more about the physiology of attachment and how to better interact with patients in therapy from a more physiological point of view.

Reviewed by Alyssa Mayhew, Hunter College-CUNY


Author's institution: UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
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Entry source: Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD
Entered by: Tanice Prince
Entry date: 15 September 2011

Key Phrases: Neurobiology, mother-infant relationship, attachment
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