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WR: mysteries of the organism

Type: Video

Title: WR: mysteries of the organism

Presenter: Makavejev, Dusan; Dravic, Milena; Kaloper, Jagoda; Kupferberg, Tuli; Cinema 5; Facets Video

Year: 1989
Occassion of film/tape:
Location of film/tape:

Running time / reel: 84 mins /
Format: Video: PAL


Abstract 1: Originally produced as a motion picture in 1971.
A unique blend of fact and fiction juxtaposing the story of the sexual encounter between the beautiful, liberated Milena and a Soviet figure-skating champion with an exploration of the life and theories of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.
In Serbian and English with English subtitles.


Author's institution:
Country origin: Yugoslavia

Entry number: 2545
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Entered by: Rhiannon Brislee-You
Entry date: 3 May 2004

Key Phrases: Reich - History
Other information: Publisher: Chicago : Facets Video, 1989. (+Film (1134), Book of the Film (1133))