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Therapists body awareness and strength of the therapeutic alliance

Type: Paper

Paper title: Therapists body awareness and strength of the therapeutic alliance
Paper's author: Radandt, D.

Paper's purpose: Unpublished article submitted for USABP Research Prize, 2002.
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Date: 2002



Attempts to use how much time therapists spend in physical exercise and in awareness practices as well as ratings on a measure of body awareness to predict the strength of the therapeutic alliance as rated by therapist. Finds mixed results of small-moderate size that are hard to interpret. Measured body awareness correlates positively with hours practiced per week. Physical practice correlates positively with overall alliance, but not awareness practice. Years of practice, both physical and awareness, correlates negatively, though at low levels, with everything else.

Comment: Hard to interpret. Study would be improved if therapeutic alliance were measured from perspective of client instead of therapist. Too many conclusions are possible from this data. But study's hypothesis, that working on your own body awareness will improve the alliance as you feel it, is certainly not supported.


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Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Entry source: John May & Courtenay Young
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Entry date: 3 June 2004

Key Phrases: Therapeutic Alliance - Body-oriented psychotherapy - Empirical Research
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