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Journal A case of trichotillomania in a two-year-old Koopman, B.
Journal A case of voyeurism (scoptophilia) Nelson, Arthur
Journal A case study of excitement and personality Keleman, Stanley
Journal A charming psychopath Rosenblum, Bernard
Journal A charming psychopath Rosenblum, Bernard
Journal A clinical study of somatic lifestyle Keleman, Stanley
Journal A cognitive approach to body psychotherapy. Frankel, E. & Correa, M.
Journal A comparative study of narcissism, gender, and sex-role orientation among bodybuilders, athletes, and psychology students Carrol, Lynne
Journal A Core Eergetics approach to negativity Weigand, Odila
Journal A Core Energetics approach to midlife sexuality Wilner, Karyne B.
Journal A critique of some of the newer treatment modalities Strean, Herbert S.
Journal A dean of orgonomists Editorial Staff
Journal A definition of functional relaxation Schueffel, Wolfram
Journal A different kind of presence Fisher, Rob
Journal A experience retrospectiva de estar em psicoterapia: Um estudo empirico fenomenologico Gomes, William B.; Reck, Adriana C.; Ganzo, Christiane R.
Journal A experiencia retrospective de estar em psicoterapia: um sequimento Gomes, William B.
Journal A functional somatology: The missing link between body and experience van Buchen, Leo
Journal A functional understanding of the modern liberal character Mathews, P.
Journal A further study of genital anxiety in nursing mothers Baker, Ellsworth
Journal A Gestalt approach to depersonalization phenomena Kubny, Beate