Long-term clients in
Touch in psychotherapy: Theory, research, and practice

Type: Chapter

Chapter title: Long-term clients

Chapter author: Imes, Suzanne

Chapter pages: 170-200

Book title: Touch in psychotherapy: Theory, research, and practice

Book author: Smith, Edward W. L. (ed)

Year: 1998
Publisher: The Guilford Press
City: New York, NY
Country: USA

ISBN: 1-57230-269-0
Type: hardcover
ISBN pages: xvi 248

ISBN: 1-57230-662-9
Type: paperback
ISBN pages:0 248


(from preface) [The author] weaves her therapeutic perspective into case studies of clients who have been extensively, moderately, and minimally touched.


Author's institution: Gestalt Institute of Georgia & Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Contact: www.guilford.com
Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Key Phrases: Touch - Practice - Gestalt
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