John Pierrakos 1921 - 2001

John's Journey

This burning interest to learn more about the impulses of life led John C. Pierrakos, in 1954-55 to Wilhelm Reich. As a psychiatrist, John had been fascinated by Reich's new research and his new biology of man, introducing the aspects of life energy and how these energies form everything in existence. The resulting question were: "What is this form-giving energy? What is the core pulsation of life, and how does it manifest in each human being?"

As part of an answer, Pierrakos co-developed Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen, M.D. In addition to Wilhelm Reich's concepts they introduced the element of grounding and the will for existence. They expanded the biological approach and accentuated the human consciousness as the form giving force of psychosomatic appearances. In the therapeutic work, John faced energy phenomena and other moments for which he, at that time, had no explanation. He became aware that a human being represents a far greater existence than the biological and psychological self. Terms like id, ego or superego could not encompass this expanded state.

In spite of the growing recognition and worldwide expansion of Bioenergetics, a discontent developed in Pierrakos. He became aware that the real essence of existence was not touched in the present therapeutic approach and that it lacked a clear intention in the therapist to reach the essence. Clients felt better with body-oriented psychotherapy, but they also mentioned that they now meditated, practiced yoga, or were generally more receptive for religious or spiritual oriented activities. This confirmed Pierrakos' findings that the client improved with conscious, energy-psychodynamic work-but it still did not lead a person to true fulfillment. When he found the Path Lectures by Eva Broch, he recognized the unity of body, psychology and spirituality. At the height of his therapeutic career, Pierrakos decided to follow his Truth. Eva's Path Lectures offered encompassing concepts and his experience as a body and energy-oriented psychiatrist, created a basis to implement the Path concepts into practice.

Eva and John felt the fascination for existence and also for each other. They married, and led their work into the Center For the New Man. It was one of the first centers in the world to unify body-oriented psychotherapy and spirituality, offering Western people an authentic approach to explore the deeper truth and knowledge about oneself.

After Eva's death, Pierrakos directed his energy again to train therapists. With the concepts of The Path and the dynamics of Bioenergetics, he formed Core Energetics. Core Energetics does not understand itself as a parallelism of therapy and meditation or as new technique. It describes, defines and teaches the growing capacity of the therapist to recognize and work toward the essence in oneself and of the other.

The expanded consciousness of one's own truth inspires and supports the patient/seeker to explore the Higher Self and walk the path of love in a greater independence of one's own restrictions. John C. Pierrakos, until nearly 80, was still travelling on all continents to sow these seeds of love.

I feel more than honored that this man was my teacher, colleague and friend. I will continue on the path that we expanded.