In Section 4.1: of the EABP Articles of Association, it states that Members may be corporate bodies. The EABP Board made a commitment to look at a structure for an Organisational Member, such as Body-Psychotherapy Training Schools or grouping of practising professionals in Body-Psychotherapy - Professional Associations.

At the Board Meeting in London in August 1996, the Board came up with a number of proposals which were circulated. These were then modified radically at the meeting of Training Schools in Vienna in January 1997 to a FORUM concept. This effectively transformed the whole concept of an Organisational Member of EABP.

These have since been revised in January/February 2002. There are now two stages:

Organisational Membership of EABP and/or its National Associations

Any organisation involved with Body-Psychotherapy can become an Organisational Member of EABP and of its National Associations.

The annual membership fee is the same as for a Full Accredited Individual Member (currently (2002-03) 190 Euros. This must be paid to the EABP annually on demand. Failure to pay will mean that the organisation loses its current membership of EABP, which may also jeopardise its accreditational status in The FORUM.

The fee is paid to the Treasurer of the National Association of the country where the organisation has it's main office, or, if there is no National Association, direct to the EABP Treasurer, via the EABP Secretariat. There are EABP National Associations in Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, Switzerlland and The Netherlands.

An organisation will normally be an Organisational Member of that country's National Association. If, exceptionally and for some good reason, it does not wish to join the National Association of the country in which it is based, it must write to the EABP Board, stating in full its reasons and these will be considered by the Board and after hearing from the National Association involved.

The annual membership fee is both for Organisational Membership of the National Association and for EABP and entitles the organisation to one vote in any of their meetings. [40% of this fee will go to the National Association, or 20% to that country's National Committee, which is the same arrangement as for individual membership fees.]  
They will also receive the normal publicity and information etc. from the N.A. or from EABP (which will be in English).

There must be at least one member of the organisation who is also a Full Accredited Individual Member of E.A.B.P. and thus this person can also represent the organisation at the EABP General Assembly or the General Meetings of the National Association.

The organisation must agree: (i) to basically support the aims of EABP and (ii) to recognise the EABP definition of Body-Psychotherapy and (iii) to recognise the definition of the work of a Body-Psychotherapist.

The organisation must be actively involved in some way with Body-Psychotherapy.

The organisation should either (A) a Training Organisation in Body-Psychotherapy; or (B) a Professional Association of Body-Psychotherapists; or (C) a European-Wide Institution in Body-Psychotherapy; or (D) some other organisation involved with Body-Psychotherapy (new training, promotion, research, etc.)

The organisation is not entitled to advertise itself as an organisational member of EABP in case this is confused with any form of accreditation by EABP. If the organisation is in one of the first three categories (A, B, or C; above) it is entitled to and encouraged to apply to be a member of The FORUM of Body-Psychotherapy Organisations. There is an additional membership fee and conditions of membership for The FORUM (see below).

The FORUM for European Body-Psychotherapy Organisations

1. A corporate body or organisation (such as a Body-Psychotherapy training school or a professional association in a particular country or city) or a European-wide Institute (such as a collection of trainings) which wishes to be involved in a FORUM for Body-Psychotherapy Organisations with EABP would have to fulfil the following criteria. It must:

(a) be an Orgnisational Member of EABP and thus fulfil the criteria above; and
(b) be prepared to send a representative to attend the meetings of The FORUM regularly (about 2 per annum), or send definite apologies for absence when it cannot send a representative; and
(c) pay the FORUM Membership Fee according to the following scale (agreed Feb 2002) which includes the 190 Euros for Organisational Membership (above)):

For less than 20 trainees: 270 Euros - split 190Euros / 80 Euros between the National Association and The FORUM.
For between 20 to 100 trainees: 405 Euros - split 190 Euros / 215 Euros.
For more than 100 trainees : 540 Euros - split 190 Euros / 350 Euros.

2. If it is a Training Organisation it should have been in existence for about 4 years (i.e. have a minimum of one crop of graduates for a training organisation); have a legal organisational structure with an appropriate code of ethics and complaints procedure; and have at least 10 people involved (i.e. not be just 1 or 2 people and an office).

3. In the case of a Professional Association of Body-Psychotherapists (as in a particular country or city), all the practitioners involved should be able to fulfil the Membership Conditions for EABP or have similar standards if they are working in a different professional field.

4. For European-Wide Institutes who wish to be Members of this FORUM and who have a large membership of their own in various European countries should have compatible Membership Criteria and Training and Professional Standards with EABP. Individual Body-Psychotherapists within this Institutional Membership should be able by-and-large to become Individual Members of EABP if they so wish without doing any more professional training.

5. Organisations within The FORUM agree to promtoe EABP to individuals within their organistaions. They will advocate membership of EABP to their trainers, psychotherapists and trainees. They will encourage trainees to attend EABP & NA seminars, congresses and symposiums. They will display EABP information, literature and posters.

5a. Such Training Organisational Members (of this FORUM) will also either supply EABP with a list of its trainees and trained Body-Psychotherapists (individual's names and addresses) or agree to forward EABP literature to any individuals on such a list.
5b. A Professional Association will either supply EABP with a list of its professional members (individual's names and addresses) or agree to forward EABP literature to any individuals on such a list.
5c. An Institutional Member with members in more than one European country will either supply EABP with a list of its trainees and professional members (individual's names and addresses) or agree to forward EABP literature to any individuals on such a list.

6. Training Organsiations going through the Mutual Accreditation Process will agree to be assessed by representatives from 2 other member organisations of The FORUM: these are usually people from other Training Organisations. The costs involved in these assessments (normal travel & accommodation) is carried by the organisation being assessed, and not by EABP or The FORUM.

7. At least one person in the organisation is a Full Individual Member of EABP and can therefore represent that Organisation or Institute at The FORUM or the EABP General Assembly, put motions to the General Assembly on behalf of the Organisation or Institute, and vote. (see above)

7a. At least one other person and upto 2 other members of the Training Organisation or the Professional Association may attend meetings of The FORUM (at their own cost) and take part in any debate or discussion. There is only one vote per organisation.
7b. Upto 3 members of a European Institute may attend meetings of The FORUM (at their own cost) and take part in any debate or discussion. There is only one vote per organisation..
Such other representatives may also attend the EABP General Assembly (at their own cost), as "Observers" if they are not EABP Individual Members, and must suitably identify themselves as such and during discussions directly pertaining to matters of The FORUM may ask and be invited to speak by the Chairperson of the Meeting, but these people will have no voting rights.

8. In return for their FORUM Membership Fee, the Organisation will receive an invitation send upto 2 delegates to take part in the FORUM meetings; the minutes of The FORUM; will be entitled to inspect the accounts of The FORUM; will receive at least 10 copies of all EABP FORUM mailings. European Institutions will receive 20 copies of all FORUM mailings and an invitation send upto 3 delegates to take part in the FORUM meetings. The FORUM will decide on the budget and expenditure of The FORUM fees, over and above all necessary administrational costs of The FORUM by the EABP Treasurer and Secretariat, and the costs of attendance of one EABP Board Member at The FORUM meetings.

9. There will be at least one annual FORUM meeting which will be over a week-end at a central european location. It will be organised by EABP and the central costs for the week-endwill be carried by EABP (costs of meeting room, tea/coffee/water refreshments, etc.). The organisations will pay all the travel, food and accommodational costs for their representative(s).

10. Motions or resolutions passed at these FORUM meetings will be taken directly to the Board of EABP by the Chairperson of The FORUM who is elected by The FORUM, usually biannually before the EABP General Assembly. The Board is advised to take cognisance of these opinions and to respond suitably. Meetings of The FORUM meetings will not be scheduled at the same time as, nor will replace the EABP General Assembly, and where possible they will be scheduled differently from EABP Board meetings.

11. The EABP General Assembly and the Board will vote to accept the FORUM Chairperson as a full voting member of the EABP Board of Directors. The EABP General Assembly will be asked (in Sept 99) to vote that the FORUM will be allowed to elect a voting representative to the EABP Board and the FORUM now nominates 2 or 3 people to the EABP Training Standards Committee.

12. The implementation of EABP Training Standards; relationships with the European Association for Psychotherapy and National Umbrella Organisations; Codes of Ethics, Complaints etc. for Organisations; the eventual EABP Accreditation of Training Schools; research programmes; the Scientific Validation process for Body-Psychotherapy; an Academy for Body-Psychotherapy; a Journal for Body-Psychotherapy; are all issues that might be fruitfully discussed at these FORUMs.

13. No ammendments to the EABP Articles of Association are needed to implement these proposals.

These conditions and criteria were originally passed at the General Assembly in Pamhagen, Austria, May 1997, ammended at the General Assembly in Travemünde, Germany in Spetember 1999, and are therefore currently the criteria for Organisational Membership of EABP They are in the process of being ammended and revised through various meetings of The FORUM, the EABP Board of Directors, and the meetings of the National Associations of EABP, in January & Februrary 2002.
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