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What is the FORUM?


Status of the FORUM

Mandate to accredit Training Institutes

Training Standards

Who can join the FORUM?

How can you join the FORUM?

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  • Organisational Membership
  • FORUM Membership

Fee structure

FORUM Accreditation Process


How can you become an EAPTI?

FORUM Meetings

FORUM Symposia





For a diagram of the EABP & FORUM structure, click here.


What is The FORUM?

The FORUM of Body Psychotherapy Organisations is a separate pillar of the

EABP and is developing its own goals and aims related to the needs of its member organisations.

In 1999 the EABP General Assembly gave a mandate to the FORUM to accredit body psychotherapy training courses according to the EABP Training Standards by a process of self-assessment and mutual recognition



Members participating in the FORUM include 23 training institutes and three professional associations, which are involved in the training and practice of professional body psychotherapy in Europe. More are in the process of joining.
Twenty-one institutes are currently accredited.


IFCC(France) was the first EABP FORUM body psychotherapy training institute to be accredited by the EAP as an EAPTI in 2007 after receiving FORUM accreditation.


Click here to see information about the:

Training Institutes that have been accredited by the FORUM

Training Institutes that have not yet been accredited

Professional Associations.


The FORUM meets two times a year in a city hosted by one of the Training Institutes.


Click here to see information about the meetings.


The one-day symposia organised to coincide with its twice-yearly meetings have become quite a feature of the FORUM meetings.


Click here to see information about the symposia.



Legal Status: The Articles of Association of EABP, Article 4.1. states that:

Members may be natural and corporate bodies. Reciprocal membership agreements may be concluded with corporate bodies that have identical objects.

The original proposals for the FORUM of Body Psychotherapy Organisations were passed at the General Assembly in Pamhagen, Austria in May 1997 and were subsequently endorsed at the General Assembly in Travemnde, Germany in September 1999.

These motions also defined Organisational Membership of EABP and the role of the FORUM in accrediting training organisations on behalf of EABP and according to the EABP Training Standards. It has since been clarified by the Board of EABP and in meetings of the FORUM, that all FORUM members must first be an organisational member of EABP and that FORUM membership and annual FORUM fee is supplementary to this.

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The FORUM has been mandated by the EABP General Assembly (Travemnde, 1999) to accredit body psychotherapy training organisations according to the current EABP training standards. This mandate is reviewed regularly. A full written report of the activities of the FORUM (about the training organisations assessed and the process of assessment) is presented to each General Assembly and the FORUM representative attends and reports to the EABP Board meetings. The EABP General Assembly reviews the FORUM mandate for accreditation regularly and endorses the accredited institutes.



The FORUM works together with the EABP Training Standards Committee to ensure that the training standards are up-to-date and relevant. The Training Standards were updated last by the EABP General Assembly at Askov, Denmark in September 2006. The EABP Training Standards Committee also has an overview and monitoring function of the work of the FORUM, reporting to the EABP Board and to the General Assembly.


Click here to see the EABP Training Standards
Click here to see the Training Standards Checklist



A corporate body or organisation in body psychotherapy, such as a training institute, a professional association in a particular country or city, or a European-wide organisation (such as a collection of institutes or one representing a whole modality) needs to fulfill the following criteria:

         A Training Institute should have been in existence for about four years and have a minimum of one crop of graduates. It should have a legal organisational or corporate structure with an appropriate code of ethics and complaints procedure, so that there is a level of professional accountability. At least ten people should be involved.

         In the case of a Professional Association of practicing body psychotherapists (as in a particular country or city), all, or most of the practitioners involved should be able to fulfill the full membership conditions for EABP.

         European-wide Organisations (from a particular modality within body psychotherapy) with a large membership of their own should have membership criteria, ethics and professional standards compatible with EABP. Individuals, within this institute membership, should be able, by-and large, to become full individual members of EABP, if they so wish, without doing any more professional training.



There are three steps to joining the FORUM.


1. Individual Membership

At least one person in the organisation, must be an individual EABP member. They must apply to the National Association in their own country or if there is not one, directly to the EABP.

The individual membership fee is currently 190 Euros per year.


Click here for a list of the National Associations.

Click here for an individual membership application form in English.


2. Organisational Membership

Then the organisation must join the EABP as an organisational member - also through the National Association of their country, if there is one.

Organisational members are properly constituted organisations that:

         recognise the EABP definition of body psychotherapy and the work of a body psychotherapist

         basically support the aims and objectives of EABP

         are actively working in body psychotherapy.


They can then attend the biannual EABP General Assembly, put motions to the General Assembly on behalf of their Institute or Association and carry the vote for that organisation.


Other members of the institute or association may also attend the EABP General Assembly even though they are not full EABP individual members. They must identify themselves as such and during discussions of matters directly pertaining to institutes or associations may be invited to speak by the Chairperson of the Meeting.

However they have no voting rights.

The organisational membership fee is currently 190 Euros per year.


Click here to see a full copy of the organisational membership conditions.

Click here for an organisational membership application form in English.


3. FORUM Membership

Once the above formalities have been completed the organisation can then contact the FORUM through the Secretariat and is invited to attend at least two FORUM meetings.

There are two different Forum memberships: members and accredited members.
Training Institutes that teach Body Psychotherapy and do not fulfil the criteria of the EABP Training Standards may be a member of the Forum if they fulfil the membership criteria (organizational membership of EABP, at least one individual member, practising Body Psychotherapy, pay their fees and fulfil their attendance obligation in Forum)
Training Institutes that differ from the Training Standards and can explain this sufficiently can obtain Forum accreditation.

Institutes that aim for an EAPTI status have to fulfil the training standards in order to be supported by the Forum in that process.

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The annual FORUM membership fees current for 2005 are structured as follows:

Fees are over and above the 190 for the EABP organisational membership fee.

Training Institutes

For up to 25 trainees/members

For 26-60 trainees/members

For 61-100 trainees/members

For more than 100 trainees/members


Professional Associations

Up to 25 trainees

From 25 - 100 trainees

More than 100 



In return for their membership FORUM organisations receive copies of minutes of FORUM meetings, EABP mailings, Newsletters and invitations for delegates to take part in the FORUM meetings.

Fees for FORUM membership are adjusted periodically to reflect the real costs of the FORUM.



Once an organization has been accepted as a FORUM member it can start the process of having its organization becoming accredited by the FORUM.


There are five steps to this process:


  1. The organization must complete the process of self-assessment and mutual recognition. The organization uses the self-assessment form to assess whether it is ready for EABP accreditation.


Click here to see the process of Self-Assessment and Mutual Recognition.

Click here to see the EABP Training Standards

Click here to see the Self-Assessment application form


  1. The report is distributed to FORUM members and subsequently discussed by a FORUM Meeting. Two assessors from different institutes and different countries are chosen including one who can speak the local language if possible.


  1. The assessors visit the institute and meet with their trainers and trainees. The training institute to be assessed covers the cost of the visit.


  1. The assessors report back in writing. The report is also sent to the institute and they have the right of reply. The reports are sent to the members of the FORUM at least a month before the next meeting.


  1. After discussion at a FORUM meeting with assessors and training institute present, a decision is taken whether to accredit that institute or not. The meeting can also give an accreditation with the proviso that certain requirements are met within a certain time limit.


The FORUM has accredited 22 schools by this system since 1999 of which 19 still retain their accreditation.



The FORUM is currently re-assessing those training institutes accredited in 1999-2001.
The process is as follows:

Accreditation is for a five-year period.


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 newIFCC, Strasbourg, France was the first FORUM Training Institute to obtain EAPTI status in 2007.


(European Association of Psychotherapy Training Institute)


Once an organisation has become a fully accredited EABP Training Institute it can apply to the EAP European Association of Psychotherapy to become an EAPTI European Association of Psychotherapy Training Institute. Training Institutes with EAPTI status can award the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) to graduates of their trainings.

This means that newly graduated body psychotherapists, emerging with an ECP, will be eligible for EABP Membership, and possibly even for national registration as a psychotherapist in their country.

The first EABP FORUM body psychotherapy training institute to be accredited as an EAPTI was IFCC (France), which had their EAPTI status accepted in 2007.


How to achieve EAPTI status?

A training institute must first:



         Be accepted as a recognised training institute by the National Awarding Organisation (NAO) in their own country.


Then they can apply to the EAP and go through an assessment process.


Click here to contact the EAP.

newReidman College, Israel was accredited in Paris November 7th 2008

ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy)

The ECP is awarded by the EAP (in which EABP is a sub-section). It has been established in order to achieve recognition by the European Parliament as a necessary post-graduate level of professional training in psychotherapy. Such a recognition would imply a sectoral directive for the profession of psychotherapy and be binding on all countries.

Hopefully, in the future we will also see European countries recognising body psychotherapy as a legitimate mainstream branch of psychotherapy.


Scientific Validation

Up until 2006 a system of scientific validation to become a modality of body psychotherapy was in place. After accreditation by the FORUM a training institute could answer the 15 questions and have the EABP submit it to the EAP. Six modalities of body psychotherapy within the EABP FORUM were accepted as being scientifically valid by the EAP. Modalities so accepted currently include Hakomi, Unitive Psychotherapy, Biodynamic Psychology, Emotional Reintegration, Bodynamic Psychotherapy, and Character Analytic Vegetotherapy.

However EABP also answered the 15 questions and was accepted as an independent modality and now EABP training institutes automatically come under the EABP modality of body psychotherapy and do not have to be individually validated.

You can view the answers to the EAP's 15 Questions on Scientific Validity from (i)

Hakomi Psychotherapy (ii) Biodynamic Psychotherapy


26-28 February 2010 – Barcelona, Spain
Escuela Española Reichiana (Es.TE.R.)
Contact: David Trotzig
28 October 2010 – Vienna, Austria
9.00 hrs – 19.00 hrs
29 April – 1 May 2011
Mallorca, Spain

4-6 November 2011  - possibly Greece

2012 Strasbourg


FORUM meetings are held twice a year over a weekend, hosted by one of the FORUM organisations.

FORUM members are required:

         To send a delegate to the FORUM meeting, or if this is not possible, to send an apology for absence. Members who have not attended for a year, nor sent apologies, are contacted and asked to rectify the situation. Continued non-attendance or non-payment of fees after two years results in the organisation forfeiting their FORUM membership, and also thereby any FORUM and EABP accreditation of their training, or endorsement of their professional activities.

         To attend one meeting in each calendar year.


The FORUM meetings decide upon issues relating to the training and accreditation of body psychotherapy training institutes. Topics that are discussed at the meetings include membership matters, the implementation of EABP Training Standards, accreditation procedures, relationships with the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and National organisations (NUO/NAO), codes of ethics, research programmes in body psychotherapy, continuing professional education, eventual joint projects in the future and refining any relevant regulations.


The FORUM elects its own Chairperson, who is a full voting member of the EABP

Board. S/he represents the interests of the FORUM there and informs the FORUM about issues that affect it. The EABP General Assembly ratifies this nomination to the EABP Board.


Currently a three-person Executive committee heads the FORUM and one of these, Martin Tidén, is the FORUM representative to the EABP board.

The FORUM also sends an independent representative to meetings of the EAP.


The FORUM met for the first time in April 1998 in Vienna and has since met in:

         Vienna in February 1999

         Travemnde, Germany in September 1999

         Amsterdam, Netherlands in February 2000

         Athens, Greece in October 2002

         Frankfurt, Germany in March 2001

         Egmond aan zee, Netherlands in September 2001

         Iserlohn, Germany in February 2002

         Naples, Italy in October 2002

         Montpellier, France in March 2003

         Frankfurt, Germany October 2003

         Vienna, Austria in April 2004

         Marathon, Greece in October 2004

         Paris, France in March 2005

         Lisbon, Portugal in October 2005 (Click here to see photos)

         Copenhagen, Denmark in March 2006

         Askov, Denmark in September 2006

         Valencia, Spain in March 2007

         Paris in September 2007 (Click here to see photos)

         Hamburg in March 2008

         Paris in November 2008

         Amsterdam, October 2009





FORUM finances

The EABP Treasurer maintains FORUM income and costs separately from EABP central funds and presents accounts and budgets to the FORUM annually.



FORUM Voting Procedure

All fully paid-up member organisations of the FORUM have one vote at FORUM meetings, which they may also assign to another organisations representative (proxy voting).

Motions or resolutions passed by a simple majority vote at these FORUM meetings are taken directly to the Board of EABP, which is advised to take cognisance of these opinions and to respond suitably by the next FORUM meeting.

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FORUM Symposia

In the first six years of the FORUMs existence the participants developed a greater openness to each other and a wish to share how each works and what theories lie behind the many different approaches and viewpoints.


For this reason the twice-yearly political and organizational meetings were expanded from two to three days so that one whole day is dedicated to showing, presenting, sharing and dialoguing about different methods and approaches.


One or two institutes present their work followed by discussion on theory and method, providing excellent opportunities for in-depth professional exchange. As institutes come from many European countries, their teachers have very varied backgrounds, languages and cultures, and combined with different body psychotherapy modalities, this often brings quite opposing views. However there is an atmosphere of inquiry, a vigorous exchange of theory and methodology and the institutes are slowly become familiar with each others approaches and are moving towards more common ground.


Some of the themes that have been discussed in 2007, 2008 2009 are:

Jerome Liss  gave a presentation based on his article:
Vertical Brain Mechanisms for Understanding Conscious, Unconscious and Non-Conscious Knowledge
How Neuropysiological Maps Justify the Different Schools of Psychotherapy
Irit Peleg (Reidman International College for Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Tel-Aviv, Israel) gave a  presentation on the research that she did with some hospital patients.

         Death and Dying and how we deal with this in our body psychotherapy practice Bettina Schroeter from the Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Transformative Koerperpsychotherapie, Berlin, Germany


         Psychotherapy and the Spiritual Dimension Thomas Riepenhausen Asas e Razes, Terapia e Formao Lda, Porto, Portugal


         Ethical guidelines on Touch Markku Vlimki, Finnish Institute of Character Analytic Vegetotherapy, Helsinki, Finland


         What works really in our therapeutic work? Beyond the books, the advertising brochures etc., with all our decades of experience in therapeutic work and training ... what do we still believe in, what are we disappointed at, tired of, resigned about??? Bettina Schroeter


Members are all finding this an extremely important way of getting to know how the different institutes actually work, what they are standing for specifically and what inspires and provokes the foundation of each institute. This is definitely a way to expand our view about body psychotherapy, and to increase the understanding of and the respect for each other. It is greatly appreciated by all who participate.





Martin Tiden: Agenda Chairing the meeting Accreditations + Reaccreditations

Thomas Riepenhausen:
Training Standards Member Institutes Interested institutes and applicants


Karin Korpi-Anttila



Jill van der Aa

Leidsestraat 106-108/2

NL-1017 PG Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel: +31-20-3302703 Fax: +31-20-6257312



The FORUM has produced an information booklet about the schools and their activities. Copies are available from the EABP Secretariat.


Click here to get the pdf document.