At the finale, 5 people were presented with a small award as a recognition of their contribution to Body-Psychotherapy in Europe. These people were Eva Reich, David Boadella, Gerda Boyesen, Malcolm Brown, and Jay Stattmann (posthumously). They were also made Honorary Members of E.A.B.P. at the following General Assembly.

Eva Reich, the daughter of Wilhelm Reich, though born in Europe has spent much of her life in USA. However, in her frequent trips to Europe, through sharing her rich memories of her father, in promoting her work in child care and paediatrics, in advocating home births, and in developing her own brand of gentle bioenergetics, we feel that she has made a significant contribution to Body Psychotherapy in Europe.

David Boadella is the founder of Energy & Character and of Biosynthesis, and is a former President of EABP. He has championed Wilhelm Reich's work and the many developments of it for well over 30 years of hard work, in his journal, in a multitude of articles and in several books. He has set up trainings world-wide, and has recently been very influential in the EAP. We cannot estimate the size and value of his contribution.

Gerda Boyesen, the founder of Biodynamic Psychology, has influenced many people in Europe through her advocacy of the client "being right" - her response to our inner wisdom - and in encouraging people "to follow the client's process". Her feminine touch and the development of Biodynamic Massage and Psychotherapy has had a powerful influence on European Body Psychotherapy. Her discovery of psycho-peristalsis as the day-to-day regulator of emotional tension is incredibly significant. We also acknowledge the work of her children; Ebba, Mona-Lisa and Paul.

Malcolm Brown is one of the orginal founders of EABP and founder the school of Organismic Psychotherapy. With his wife Katherine, he has trained and influenced many, many people both in Europe and in the USA. As we build bridges towards the USABP, he is building them back towards Europe again. We thank him for his deep and sincere contributions to Body Psychotherapy in Europe.

Jay Stattman cannot be with us and we would like to honour him posthumously. We celebrate him as a founder of Unitive Psychotherapy and also as one of the founders of EABP. We wish to acknowledge that, despite the lack of his physical presence, his work, love and care still touches us deeply.

The 1999 EABP General Assembly
followed onto the Congress and was well attended. The main significant motions were (1) to accept all the arrangements for the FORUM for Body-Psychotherapy Organisations to accredit Training Schools; (2) to choose between three different possibilities about the training of Body-Psychotherapists; (3) to accept the 1997 EABP Training Standards, which had been left "on the table"; and (4) to accept the EABP Ammended Training Standards; (5) to convert the accounts to Euros; (6) to extend the Board of Directors, not only to include a new Director nominated by The FORUM, but also to have a Reserve Director; (7) to accept minor emmendments to the EABP Code of Ethics; (8) to initiate an International Journal for Body-Psychotherapy; (9) to accept the Greek National Association; (10) to accept the Dutional Association; (11) to accept the Italian National Association; and (12) to accept the Honorary Members (above).

A new Board of Directors was elected and some new members to the Ethics Committee. For details, click here. For a full report of the General Assembly, please click here.

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